The surgicalist program brings our vision to life as Acacia general surgeons have met or exceeded all initial goals set forth for efficiency, process of care and outcome measures related to surgery.

Patrick Gandy, EVP/CEO, Lafayette General Medical Center



Elevate quality of care. Reduce costs.

Acacia Acute Care Surgery partners with hospitals to provide responsive surgical coverage to emergency departments and a complete continuum of follow-up care for patients after surgery. Our hospitalist group resolves call coverage issues by guaranteeing hospitals access to a specially trained acute care surgeon on site within minutes—24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Acacia provides consultations to critical care patients in the ICU, manages all care for those needing surgical procedures and coordinates with specialized healthcare professionals for referrals. The goal is to increase the total number of surgeries on the board and maximize the quality of care delivered to the patient all while reducing costs associated with benefits, recruitment bonuses and overtime.

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