Sometimes, you just need someone who listens. With Acacia, I was able to speak to a caregiver any time I needed timely advice — or just a shoulder to cry on.
In healthcare, compassion is everything. And it’s why I’ll continue to tell everyone about how great I was treated.

Erica, Satisfied Patient



Your recovery. Our priority.

Acacia Acute Care Surgery gives patients needing emergency surgeries immediate access to highly skilled acute care surgeons dedicated to providing the best inpatient and follow-up care possible. We work with hospitals to provide lifesaving care at a moment’s notice, which means our surgeons are always ready and waiting for patients—never the other way around.


We take every case personally, and you can expect to be cared for in a kind and compassionate manner, with daily visits from professionals familiar with your case and up-to-date information regarding test results and progress. Acacia accepts most major insurance plans, plus Medicare.

Acacia improves the patient experience by:

  • Decreasing ER wait times and minimizing overall hospital stays
  • Providing immediate access to an acute care surgeon in an emergency
  • Staffing only surgeons specifically trained in emergency surgical procedures
  • Offering clear guidance and referrals to specialists following procedures

Patients with questions regarding their care are encouraged to contact a nurse or consult our FAQs page.