I can say with certainty that having Acacia in the hospital has had a direct impact on increasing the survival rates of our patients.

Dr. Scott Yerger, Orthopedic Surgeon, Lafayette General Medical Center


Quality of Life

Enhancing quality of life for acute care surgeons.

Acacia Acute Care Surgery establishes order and promotes predictability at a time when patients are increasingly dependent on emergency department consults. Acute care surgery is the sole focus of our hospitalist group, and we’ve established a system designed to make the lives of surgeons far more predictable.


Acacia enhances the quality of life for our surgeon partners by:

  • Rendering payment based on an hourly basis as opposed to volume
  • Overseeing all patient contact, follow-up coordination and billing
  • Guaranteeing more predictable hours and flexibility of scheduling
  • Providing malpractice coverage, support staff and amenities
  • Freeing surgeons from the financial burdens of running a practice
  • Offering a program conducive to teamwork and continued education