I can say with certainty that having Acacia in the hospital has had a direct impact on increasing the survival rates of our patients.

Dr. Scott Yerger, Orthopedic Surgeon, Lafayette General Medical Center


Working For Acacia

Working for Acacia.

If you’re dedicated to providing lifesaving surgical care, Acacia Acute Care Surgery is dedicated to you. Our hospitalist program was designed to alleviate surgeons of the often-unpredictable lifestyle associated with their chosen field of practice. We provide all the resources our surgeons need to administer care more effectively while freeing them of the burdens typically associated with hospital partnerships.


What to expect when working for Acacia:

  • 12-hour rotating shifts providing dedicated coverage to partner hospital
  • Night-shift surgeons made available for consults within 15 minutes
  • Consultations for ICU patients and care for those needing surgical procedures
  • Follow-up information delivered to patients delivered by Acacia staff
  • Payment tied to hours worked, not volume of patients
  • Nurse on staff assures continuity of case management