Dr. Phil Gachassin, Founder, Acacia


What is Acacia?

What is Acacia?

Acacia Acute Care Surgery is an independent surgical hospitalist group focused exclusively on emergency consults, surgical procedures and follow-up care. We provide hospitals with immediate, on-site, 24/7 access to acute care surgeons, eliminating the need for emergency departments to rely on unpredictable on-call coverage. Our team comprises general surgeons, trauma surgeons, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who manage comprehensive care and referrals for patients who have undergone emergency surgery.


  • For hospitals, we provide on-site, 24/7 access to high-quality emergency surgical care.
  • For surgeons, we enhance quality of life by providing more predictable schedules and income.
  • For patients, we provide lifesaving surgical and follow-up care that’s dependable and consistent.